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What Stage I’m in?

I’m Kumar from India and recently had joint pain in all joints and suspected RA and went to lab to run some tests. The lab offered a package and i took it and noticed high levels of ALT(750) and AST (380).
Other LFT are normal. Consulted a Gastro and found

HBsAg is positive.
HBC IgM and HBeAg is also positive.
Viral load is 36.5 Lakhs IU/ML

After 15 days, we ran the LFT and liver enzymes didn’t reduce at all.
ALT is 852, AST is 452. Rest all are normal
Bilirubin is 1.0, PT INR is 1.

My doctor suspects it might be a reactivation since bilirubin is normal and viral load is very high and asked me to start Tenofovir. When I asked can I wait for a month to see, he scared me I may get acute liver failure due to elevated enzymes.

I’m in a confused state and depressed.
Acute Hep won’t have high viral loads?
In Acute hep bilirubin is high always?
Am in in acute or reactivation phase or CHB?
Will my elevated enzymes leads to ALF?

If am in acute, taking antiviral will leads to CHB or I still may able to clear the virus completely from my body?

Please advise :disappointed_relieved: