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Please for your insights

Hi everyone, please l’ll appreciate your insights. I started somewhere in 2012 with a bout of upper abdominal pain just after moving to the US from Africa. After many visits to Drs. I was told I once contracted hep b and cleared off. Four successive hep B tests have shown the same findings; hepb surface antigen negative, hep b viremia negative using real time PCR test, positive hepb surface antibodies showing immunity, and positive hepbcore antibody referencing past infection. Well when in pain, we become google masters especially when your humanly instincts keeps pointing to the liver. What baffles me most is that, my bilirubin has gradually been on an increase; from 1.2 mg/dl in 2012 to 1.4 in 2016, to 1.95 as of last week after applying for health insurance. I feel like ‘crap’, my daily constant pain, most recent declining weight. I’m not z scientist but I over the years read tons of articles to acquaint myself with hepatitis b virus as a whole. Irrespective of reassurances of me clearing the virus, could I be an unfortunate ‘occult’ group. My worse regret will be to find out that my fiance is infected. I called the Dallas Methodist liver center asking to see an dermatologist and hopefully they listened. Please sorry for the ranting but will appreciate if anyone can chime in. :v:

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Hi Hopefuled,

Thank you so much for posting and your question. I apologize for the delayed response. Your case does seem perplexing. From our end, the best we can say is to consult your personal doctor. He or she will know you and your medical history best. You may need to consult a specialist for more detailed information. We are sorry we cannot help further but we are justy unable to give more specific advice given the complexity of your case.

In regards to your fiance: Fortunately, hepatitis B, transmitted as an adult, almost always causes acute hepatitis B NOT chronic hepatitis B. According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, “about 95% of adults recover completely and do not become chronically infected.” Acute hepatitis B may or may not have symptoms and is self resolving, meaning that in most cases patients recover on their own within 6 months without special medical treatment. After recovery, the patient can no longer get hepatitis B.

For more information, we recommend visiting https://www.cdc.gov/hepatitis/hbv/bfaq.htm

Please let me know if you have more questions.

I have exactly the same situation. The tests indicates past acute hbv infection and immunity, but the symptoms are the same as yours. Did you have these symptoms before you came to America?

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Hi Kromdel,

Thanks for your post. Have you consulted a doctor?

Yes, many doctors. It happend in my case in 2019 but my bilirubin is ok, liver enzymes also. Only upper abdominal pain, liver sensitive to some food and stomach bloating.

Hi Kromdel,

Have they made any indications of what they thought the cause might be?

No, there is no indication.


Unfortunately, we are unable to advise you more specifically without more detail and we do not want users to be sharing sensitive personal medical information here for their own safety and privacy.

We highly recommend working in partnership with your doctor to find the root cause of the issue or perhaps seeking a second opinion from another doctor. Alternatively, you can seek guidance from the Hepatitis B Foundation at info@hepb.org, or call themat 215-489-4900. They are responding to voicemails.

I hope this helps and please do not hesitate to ask any other questions.