SF Hep B Free Support Group

Mark Lim: Victim at Age 30

By Joel Engardio
Driving my boyfriend home from chemotherapy, we couldn’t believe the ad on the bus in the next lane. We had to read it again at a red light.

The ad warned that one in 10 Asian Americans are infected with hepatitis B and don’t know it — with a quarter of hepatitis B carriers at risk of dying from liver cancer or failure.

Nothing about my boyfriend’s illness made sense until we saw that ad.

At 30, Mark Lim was diagnosed with inoperable liver cancer caused by hepatitis B. He was fit, never drank and symptom-free until the day he doubled over with excruciating stomach pain.

Yet Mark was Asian American. Why didn’t his doctors know about the Asian Liver Center at Stanford University, the sponsor of the bus ad?

The Asian Liver Center was just a basement storage room converted into a cramped office, a symbol of how little the medical establishment had paid attention to hepatitis B in Asian Americans when we visited in 2001.

The director, Dr. Sam So, was a renowned liver transplant surgeon on a mission to end an epidemic of hepatitis B. He called it a “silent killer” of Asian people worldwide.

Mark visited Dr. So but it was too late for treatment. Yet Mark tried to save other lives by sharing his story in the media. After Mark died, I traveled with Dr. So to testify at the CDC in Atlanta.

Dr. So was able to inspire a diverse coalition of philanthropists, politicians, business leaders and students to champion the cause.

The center Dr. So started now has its own building on the Stanford campus and a new generation of activists are making progress.

The bus ad my boyfriend and I saw announced that one in 10 Asian Americans have hepatitis B. Today, the number is one in 12. There is hope.

By Joel Engardio

當我們看到這個數據時,我跟男友一切都如恍然大悟,Mark 在30歲的時候被診斷得到肝癌並且
人路過根本不會注意到,Dr. Sam So是這間亞裔肝臟中心的主管醫生,以移植肝臟手術而聞名,
我與Mark當時聽聞Dr. Sam So之後便去拜訪他但無奈Mark的症狀發現的太晚,所有治療方式對
他都已太遲,Mark想要經由媒體分享他的故事以提醒更多的患者,Mark去世後,我便與Dr. So一
Dr. So成功地啟發不同的慈善家,政治家,商業領導人士以及學生一起捍衛此疾病。
Dr. So如今在史丹佛校園有著自己的新一代防治中心大樓並有顯著的成效發展。


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