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Hi I’m AL…i was diagnosed with Hep B at 18 years old back in 2003. I was in denial and ignored for 10 years and finally got treated. I have occasional issues, but I’m seeking support for what to do when in pain or how can I better prevent inflammation. Just wanting to ease the worry of my life right now.

Hi Al,

Thanks for your bravery in sharing. I think the first thing to do would be ensure you are following your own doctor’s recommendations. While we can provide some advice and guidance here, your doctor should know you and your condition best. Do you have chronic hepatitis B or had an acute case in 2003? Do you have a primary care doctor? If you’d like, we can carry on the conversation in direct messages as well to protect your privacy.

Yeah I was acute in 2003. I been chronic. My doctor should know me or take better care of me. I do have a PCP and Hepatologist.

I do prefer private messages.

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messaged. Let me know if you get it.