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Advice needed: how's vemlidy?

I am a life long Hep-B carrier. I got it at birth from my mother. I am now in my mid 30s. I do regular checkups my whole life, watch out for my diets and exercise, and never drink or smoke. But as I age, the risk naturally increases, and my liver enzyme continues to elevate. My doctor has suggested me starting treatment, and he recommended the drug vemilidy. I am very anxious about the life long commitment of taking the drug. I have a steady full time employment with health insurance, but my industry is unstable, and layoffs are common. I fear I’d lose my job and therefore my insurance one day, and I’d have no means to get the drug. I am also anxious about my unstable immigration status. I am on a work visa, and worry what might happen if I have to leave the US, and if that’d affect my access to the drug. But overall, taking a life long drugs with so many life uncertainties is making me extremely anxious.

I wonder if anyone is taking vemilidy, and what’s your experience like? Any insight would be appreciated.