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1 in 12 Asian American and Pacific Islanders adults are chronically infected with hepatitis B. As many as 2 out of 3 people who are infected do not know it. Approximately 95% of chronic infection happens under the age of 5, whereas approximately 5% of chronic infection occurs after the age of 5. Acute infection is less common, but can be just as risky. Vaccination can prevent the onset of hepatitis B infection, chronic & acute, but does not serve as a cure.
平均每12位亞裔與太平洋島嶼族裔美國人就有一位罹患慢性的B型肝炎, 而3位B型肝炎患者中平均有2位並不知自己罹患B型肝炎, 大約有95%的B型肝炎患者年齡為5歲以下, 而這些5歲以下的孩童中平均又有5%的機率在5歲以後發展為長期慢性感染, 急性感染較不多見但也存在著風險. 疫苗可以有效防止B型肝炎發病及轉換成慢性或急性的感染, 但疫苗無法根治B型肝炎.