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Hepatitis B is the number one public health disparity facing the Asian American and Pacific Islander community. It is primarily transmitted from mother to child at birth, but can also be transmitted sexually, and via blood. There is currently no cure for hepatitis B, but transmission can be prevented, and managed.
在公共健康的差距比率中, 亞裔與太平洋島嶼族裔美國人中得到的B型肝炎疾病機率與美國人相比差距為第一名, B型肝炎主要是經由母親垂直感染給胎兒, 或是經由性行為與血液接觸而傳染, 目前並沒有根治B型肝炎的方法, 但傳染的行為是可以被預防管理的.